Frequently asked questions

is there any way to avoid the ticks biting you in the first place? 

No, in fact, there is nothing that really works. It is known that strong smells like garlic and lemon and mosquito repellent may have a certain repulsive effect for a few hours when applied and the fragrances are the most intense. But other than that there is not much you can do.

If me or my pet has got a tick on my body, do I have to remove it at once? 

The tick should be removed immediately when you discover it. The risk that the tick will transmit an infection decreases the quicker it is removed. However, unlike Borrelia bacteria and Anaplasma, TBE virus is transmitted directly after the tick has bitten.

Do you become immune to tick-bourn diseases if you've had many ticks?

If you have been living for several years in an area where TBE infection occurs, there may be a small possibility that you have actually been infected with TBE virus but you have not noticed any symptoms. You may have developed TBE with very mild symptoms without knowing about it. This is unusual but can give immunity. If you are unsure, you can go to your healthcare center where they can check to see if you have antibodies to TBE in your body through a blood sample. The sampling is considered a "preventive measure", which means that you must pay the analysis yourself, which usually costs around 20-30$ depending on your location.

When I removed the tick it left a black dot. What is it and is it dangerous?

Sometimes the cavities on the mouth cling to the skin so that the mouth is torn off from the tick when it is removed quickly. It is not dangerous and does not increase the risk of being infected. On the other hand, you can have a slight irritation on the skin but it will disappear after a few days.

Can ticks survive inside?

Because ticks need a humid climate, they can not do more than a couple of days indoors, where it's too dry. They then dry-up and die.