About ticks


The tick is a small arthropod, related to mites and spider animals. It thrives best in shady and humid places, especially leaf forests with lots of vegetation. The tick lives 2-3 years and develops from a tenth of a mm as a larva to 3-4 mm as an adult. The tick undergoes three stages in its development. From larva to nymf and then to adult tick. at every stage it needs to suck blood to evolve further.

When the tick is active, it sits in the vegetation, 10-20 cm from the ground, waiting for a suitable animal to pass. Host animals are mainly mice and sores, but also large mammals and humans. The tick lacks eyes so when it feels motion in the vegetation, carbon dioxide or smells, it sweeps with its forelegs and grabs the fur of the passing victim.

Watch out for infections

If you do not remove the tick, you may catch severe infectious diseases like TBE, Borelia and Ehrlichios.