GUARD Tick Remover 2.0

GUARD Tick Remover 2.0 The new tick remover for you and your pet!

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  • Protect yourself against infections

    The new tweezers helps you remove even the smallest of ticks!

    If the tick is removed as soon as possible, the risk of transmitting infectious agents that can cause serious disease is reduced.

  • Protect your pet

    The crowbar-like part of the Guard Tick Remover helps you remove the bigger ticks when the tweezers are not suitable. Really useful on your pet or in your scalp.

  • High quality

    The stainless steel material makes Guard Tick Remover 2.0 a tool that will benefit you for many years to come!

  • Magnification card included

    The package also includes a plastic magnification card to help find the smallest ticks.

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